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Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Stands Firm on Appointment of Fake Elector to State Elections Commission

Robert Spindell
Wisconsin Republican leader stands by fake Trump elector

The majority leader of the Wisconsin Senate turned down calls from Democrats on Monday to remove his appointment to the state elections commission. He was one of the Republicans who acted as fake electors for former President Donald Trump in 2020.

Bob Spindell

Democrats call for removal of fake elector Spindell from Wisconsin Elections Commission (Photo: AP)

Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader refuses to remove fake elector from state elections commission despite calls for his removal

Devin LeMahieu, who is the floor leader of the Wisconsin Senate, has turned down calls from Democrats to take back the appointment of Bob Spindell to the state elections commission.

In 2020, Spindell was one of the Republicans who lied as electors for former President Donald Trump. He said that Trump had won Wisconsin when President Joe Biden had won the key state.

In a court settlement last week, Spindell and nine other fake electors admitted that what they did was part of a plan to wrongfully change the results of the 2020 election. But they didn’t take responsibility or say they were wrong. LeMahieu said that the fake voters had used a legal strategy that had not worked and that what they did was not a bad plan to change the results of an election. Spindell is one of three Republicans on the nonpartisan elections board, whose job it is to run the elections in the state.

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Members of the Democratic Party want Bob Spindell to be fired from the committee because he lied on election documents and his lack of moral compass. They say that the fact that he is a Republican fake elector for former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election hurts the elections commission. Wisconsin Secretary of State Sarah Godlewski removed Spindell because he admitted to wrongdoing in a court settlement.

Spindell is going to keep working on the bipartisan elections commission despite calls for his removal. This has made Democrats, like Sarah Godlewski, Wisconsin’s secretary of state, even more angry because they think he should be fired because he admittedly submitted fake election results.

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