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DOUBLE-CHECK NOW: Time’s Running Out for Unclaimed Lottery Prize Bought at Popular Store

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A $100,000 lottery reward expires in a few weeks, so players are urged to check their numbers.

$100,000 Winning Lottery Ticket Sold at 7-Eleven Expires Soon – Act Before January 8!

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In January, a 7-Eleven in Easthampton, Massachusetts, sold the winning Mass Cash ticket with the numbers 1, 5, 6, 13, and 29. Officials urge ticket holders to claim the prize before January 8.

Executives of the Massachusetts Lottery have stressed the seriousness of the issue and advised ticket holders to collect their rewards from various state facilities. Participants in the Mass Cash game can choose five numbers between one and 35 individually or have them randomly selected by a machine.

The entry fee is $1, and the odds of winning are 1 in 72. Matching three of the five digits wins $10, while four wins $250.

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$100,000 Lottery Prize at Risk of Expiring – Act Now for Massachusetts Communities!

The $100,000 prize, with Massachusetts Lottery chances of one in 324,632, is the highlight. The award will be added to a state fund for cities and towns if unclaimed by January 8. Recently, a $44 million lottery prize expired without a claimant in Florida, with 80% going to education spending and 20% to future lottery drawings.

Lottery players must check their tickets immediately to claim the $100,000 reward before it expires since the money will assist Massachusetts communities.

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