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In 15 days, double payments worth $914 will be sent out in December

Millions of people who get Supplemental Security Income (SSI) will get a second monthly payment in December. Each person who files for SSI can get up to $914. Due to a strange timing situation, the payment will be made just over two weeks from now, on Friday, December 29. It will be the second payment in a month.

Social Security Payments Soar: Initial Round of Direct Payouts, Maxing at $4,555, Delivered Within 24 Hour (Photo: Washington Examiner)

How the Double Payments System Works, Explained

People who get SSI will get a second round of payouts in December. This happens more than once a year because of a timing glitch. In December, recipients always get two checks. The second amount arrives on Dec. 29, exactly four weeks after the first payment was sent. Due to January 1 being a holiday, this trend has formed.

In 2023, there were a few occasions when payments were made twice, usually because holidays or weekends fell on the first of the following month. This pattern is likely to keep going until 2024. It’s important to note that there are no bills due in January because that day is always a holiday.

Third, the largest amounts that can be paid depend on the filing state. People who file as individuals can expect a monthly payment of $914, and couples who are qualified can get $1,371. Someone who provides essential care to someone on SSI will receive a monthly payment of $458.

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Criteria for Qualification and Future Changes

People who want to get double payouts must meet certain standards, such as being at least 65 years old and having enough money. People under 65, even kids, can qualify if they are partly blind or have a physical or mental condition that makes it hard for them to do many things every day.

The Social Security Administration’s calculator gives people who make a claim a unique estimate, which takes into account the fact that not all recipients will get the full amount of money. The monthly payment is expected to go up by 3.2% next year, according to government estimates.

The first SSI payments were made in January 1974, and the Social Security Administration confirms that payout rates have been adjusted for the cost of living every year since 1975.

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