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Moscow’s plan for a new base in the Black Sea worries Georgia

Satellite images show that Russia is building a military station in Abkhazia, a disputed part of Georgia. This has increased tensions and caused worries about possible invasion. Georgian opposition politicians have strongly opposed the move, calling it an attempt by Russia to take over Abkhazia. Tbilisi is on high alert because of the situation, which is making security worries worse.

(Photo: REUTERS)

The Position of the Georgian Opposition

In a letter to the EU and NATO, Georgia’s opposition politicians say they are strongly against the plan for the naval base. They are against the move because it is part of Russia’s plan to take over Abkhazia, which was made possible by Moscow’s acceptance of the area as a separate state after the war between Russia and Georgia in 2008.

Despite the opposition, Georgia’s ruling party, Georgian Dream, says that Moscow’s plans are not very important. Nikoloz Samkharadze, who is in charge of Georgia’s Foreign Relations Committee, suggests building the base over a number of years, putting present needs ahead of threats in the future.

Japaridze responds by saying that Russia’s power in Abkhazia already makes Tbilisi very worried about its safety. The fact that the area is close to Georgia’s Anaklia deep harbor, a significant Black Sea project, complicates the situation.

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Risks and Possible Outcomes

It is important for Georgia’s ruling party to stay out of Russia’s war in Ukraine, but building a navy base in Abkhazia could make things less safe. Because it is close to Georgia’s Anaklia port, the war in Ukraine has a greater chance of spreading to Georgia.

The ongoing construction and changes in geopolitics make it more likely that Russia’s war with Ukraine will spread to Georgia, which adds to concerns about security in the area.

Analysts stress that the international community needs to pay attention and act to stop things from getting worse and keep things stable in the Black Sea area.

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