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Tensions are at an all-time high as Biden criticizes Israeli actions in Gaza

As President Joe Biden criticizes Israel for “indiscriminate” bombing in response to Hamas assaults, tensions between the White House and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu grow. Since the war has been going on for more than two months, people are worried about how Biden’s strong support for Israeli activities will affect his political career.

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Sullivan’s Goals and How Things Are Changing

Jake Sullivan, who is President Biden’s national security assistant, is going to Israel to talk about aid to Gaza and the “next phase of the military campaign.” This visit shows a change in Washington’s position, which suggests Israel did not fully take into account advice about protecting civilians.

Biden’s previous visit in October was different from Sullivan’s trip. During that trip, Biden said he understood how painful it was for Israelis but told them not to make the same mistakes again. There are clear differences between the US and Israel right after the war and the dream of a Palestinian state.

The number of people killed in the war has unintended political effects in the US, including rising racism, discrimination, and problems for Biden’s political alliance.

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Global diplomatic tensions and pressure at home

Allies around the world, like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, are breaking with the US and calling for an end to the fighting in Gaza. This is making diplomatic problems worse. The Five Eyes partnership for sharing information has a rare split, and even the UK, which has always been a US ally, isn’t sure if it wants to stick with it.

There are worries about how the military operation is being carried out, but the White House says it will always back Israel. More pressure from around the world and in the US makes people question Biden’s policy and what might happen in the US-Israel relationship.

Even though President Biden is getting more and more angry, he is strongly in support of Israel and is not going to put any real pressure on Netanyahu beyond what he says. Congress is blocking possible terms on a $14 billion aid plan, which shows how complicated the situation is.

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