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The 7 Dangerous Areas in New Orleans at Night

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Have you considered New Orleans’ riskiest areas? Concerned about neighborhood safety at night?

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The 7 Dangerous Areas in New Orleans at Night You Need to be Careful

Based on Neighborhood Scout data, here are seven of New Orleans‘ most dangerous nighttime locations:

  1. Michoud
    Michoud, a historic town now home to NASA’s Michoud Assembly Plant, is one of New Orleans’ most dangerous neighborhoods at night. Neighborhood Scout says New Orleans is safer than 5% of U.S. cities, with Michigan at the top due to its size.
  2. Warrington Drive/Lee Blvd.
    Neighborhood Scout reports that Warrington Drive/Robert E. Lee Blvd., a low-income area, is one of the most dangerous at night. Despite their hard work, people earn less than 85% of the country’s income, and 44% of children live in poverty.
  3. Cleveland/S. Johnson
    Despite its attractiveness, Cleveland Avenue/S. Johnson Street is one of New Orleans’ deadliest neighborhoods at night. This neighborhood ranks below 98% of the nation, with 77% of children in poverty.
  4. Buchanan Avenue/St. Bernard
    Neighborhood Scout ranks this New Orleans neighborhood as one of the most unsafe, despite home construction years ranging from 1940 to 1999.
  5. Urquhart/Port Street
    Due to its convenience and high crime rate, this Florida district is unsafe after dark. In the dark winter months, 30% of residents walk or take public transportation to work, so be careful.
  6. N. Galvez Street/Saint Roch Avenue
    Nearly three out of four children in this New Orleans area live in poverty, and residents’ income is below 98.3% of the nation. This New Orleans neighborhood is one of the most dangerous at night.
  7. Jackson Avenue/Tchoupitoulas Street
    Neighborhood Scout ranks Tchoupitoulas Street and Jackson Avenue among New Orleans’ and Louisiana’s worst neighborhoods. Note that 54.6% of residents live alone, compared to 98.7% of Americans.

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Extremely Cautious at Night

This neighborhood has 54.6% single residents. Neighborhood Scout ranks this New Orleans neighborhood among the worst in Louisiana and New Orleans. If you live alone here, be alert about your safety.

If you reside in one of these seven New Orleans neighborhoods, be extremely cautious at night.

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