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South Carolina Farmers Granted Bond in Fatal Shooting of Armed Trespasser

In a rural South Carolina community, a father-son duo from Lindler Farms, a state-certified family-run range, has been granted bond following their arrest on murder charges. Ryan Jordan Lindler Sr., 52, and Ryan Lindler Jr., 26, allegedly shot and killed neighbor Kevin Lester Newhouse, 36, in what authorities describe as a confrontation stemming from a trespassing incident.

The Alleged Confrontation

The tragic incident unfolded on December 6 when, as per court documents, the younger Lindler shot Newhouse multiple times with a Glock pistol. The defense claims self-defense, asserting that Newhouse swung a machete at the Lindlers during the altercation.

Contrary to the defense’s narrative, investigators allege that the elder Lindler disarmed Newhouse before instructing his son to open fire. Sheriff Jay Koon stated, “The shooting happened after the elder Lindler had taken a machete away from the victim.”

Despite the severity of the charges, a last-minute bond hearing has granted the Lindlers conditional release, allowing them to spend Christmas outside of jail.

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Legal Defense and Community Support

Defense attorney Eric Bland, representing the elder Lindler, emphasized the duo’s clean record, stating, “They’re father and son who have zero criminal background.” Bland anticipates the case will revolve around “property rights, vandalism, and a history of trespassing.”

With the Lindlers operating a family-run range specializing in beef, hay, and foraging, the defense suggests that the case may test a property owner’s right to protect their land from trespassers.

The younger Lindler, engaged to be married in less than three weeks, faces murder charges. The incident occurred at the house he is building with his fiancée.

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