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Disney and CAA Rebut Julia Ormond’s Weinstein Assault Claims

Photo: laprensalatina
Julia Ormond in a file photo. EFE/FILE/Mohamed Omar.

Disney and CAA denied Julia Ormond’s claims of negligence over Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault in legal filings. Ormond, who appeared in “Legends of the Fall” and “Sabrina,” claims Weinstein molested her in a 1995 meeting and that the entities neglected to warn her owing to his perceived importance and profitability.

Photo: laprensalatina

Julia Ormond in a file photo. EFE/FILE/Mohamed Omar.

Disney and CAA Reject Julia Ormond’s Allegations in Weinstein Assault Lawsuit

Both companies strongly disputed Ormond’s claims, saying they were unaware of Weinstein’s sexual wrongdoing. CAA sympathised with Ormond but denied being suspicious of a Weinstein business meeting. Disney recognized Weinstein’s alleged actions as worrisome but questioned Ormond’s negligent supervision accusations against Disney.

Ormond said in her lawsuit that Weinstein forced her into oral sex after misbehaving in a meeting. She said CAA representatives Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane encouraged her not to disclose and sheltered Weinstein.

Ormond sued CAA and Miramax, Weinstein’s firm acquired by Disney, for irresponsible supervision and retention. The lawsuit claimed CAA agents told her to keep quiet to protect Weinstein.

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Disney and CAA Challenge Julia Ormond’s Claims Amid Weinstein Sentencing

Harvey Weinstein received 16 years in Los Angeles for sexual assault, adding to his 23-year New York term. Disney and CAA argue that they were unaware of Weinstein’s alleged misbehavior and that Ormond’s accusations against them were insufficient.

Disney and CAA deny any knowledge or responsibility in Weinstein’s acts, triggering legal action to dismiss the complaint despite Ormond’s claims.

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