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From Sex Toy Obsession to Murder: Shocking Break in 2014 Cold Case Reveals Chilling Details

Danette Webb
Danette Webb
Danette Webb

Danette Webb was found nude and bound with duct tape in a shocking murder that went unsolved until this week. (Photo: The Daily Beast)

Former Coworker Charged in Brutal 2014 Murder Case of Compassionate Volunteer

In a chilling development, justice is finally served in the shocking 2014 murder case of Danette Webb, a dedicated volunteer at Noonday Ministries in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Danette, renowned for her compassionate work with the city’s homeless, was tragically found bound and nude in her own home, a victim of a brutal crime that remained unsolved for years.

Recently, a break in the case has led to the apprehension of a suspect from an unexpected quarter. Lance Beaton, 59, a former colleague of Danette’s, has been charged with an open count of murder, following a new lead that brought disturbing details to light. Detectives, after years of few promising leads, uncovered a shocking revelation that irrevocably linked Beaton to the crime.

It was revealed that Beaton, purportedly obsessed with sex toys, had been accused previously of disturbing behavior by an ex-girlfriend. His penchant for criminal activities like breaking, coupled with a macabre obsession with his victim, culminated in a heinous act that shook the community. Moreover, Beaton’s potential stalking of Danette, involving the replication of her house key, sheds light on the calculated and sinister nature of the crime.

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As the case unfolds, Webb’s loved ones have expressed a mix of relief and longing for true justice. Suzan Hagler, Danette’s former partner, voiced her hope for accountability, acknowledging that while no earthly justice can truly heal the wounds, an appropriate legal recourse would be a significant step toward closure and healing.

This distressing saga serves as a stark reminder of the dark underbelly of seemingly ordinary circumstances and the poignant consequences of unchecked obsession and violence.

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