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Drew Ogletree Recently Arrested For Domestic Battery In The Presence Of A Minor

Drew Ogletree is now facing a charge of domestic battery. (Photo: Stampede Blue)
Drew Ogletree is now facing a charge of domestic battery. (Photo: Stampede Blue)

Drew Ogletree will likely miss games due to his recent arrest.

Drew Ogletree may also face suspensions due to his charge of domestic battery. (Photo: NBC Sports)

Drew Ogletree may also face suspension due to his charge of domestic battery. (Photo: NBC Sports)

Drew Ogletree’s Charge

Colts tight end Drew Ogletree has been arrested and charged with domestic battery. Jail records state that Drew Ogletree committed the offense in the presence of a child under 16.

Drew Ogletree was booked after Colts practice, and the police found a female victim in pain and unable to move. Drew Ogletree’s victim was taken to the hospital.

Drew Ogletree admitted to pushing her to the ground. Drew Ogletree will also likely miss upcoming games and face suspension once the investigation is complete.

According to a published article by NBC Sports, the Colts have notified the NFL and are gathering more information about Drew Ogletree’s case. Drew Ogletree has played in 12 games this season for the Colts, with nine starts.

6 Felony Charges Of Domestic Battery

In a published article by Bleacher Report, Ogletree has been charged with two level 6 felony charges of domestic battery, one involving a child under 16 years old and the other resulting in moderate bodily injury.

The arrest came after police were called to a home where an argument between Ogletree and a woman had turned violent, with Ogletree allegedly body-slamming her to the ground.

The woman was taken to the hospital, and Ogletree’s son was present during the incident. Ogletree will likely not be playing in the upcoming game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

He was drafted by the Colts in 2022 and has played in 12 games this season after missing his rookie year due to an ACL injury.

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