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Arrests Made After Stolen Car Crashes Into Alachua County Deputy’s Patrol Vehicle

Photo from: Public Policy Institute of California

In an incident on December 29th, two individuals, identified as 26-year-old Daven Garner and 21-year-old Jalon Williams, were arrested after crashing a stolen car into an Alachua County deputy’s patrol vehicle. The sequence of events unfolded when a Waldo business owner reported a break-in, leading to the discovery of Garner and Williams removing items from a stolen Cadillac.

Photo from: Public Policy Institute of California

Break-In Triggers 911 Call

The series of events began with a vigilant Waldo business owner calling 911 to report a break-in by Garner and Williams at his establishment.

Law enforcement promptly responded, discovering the individuals in the act of removing items from a stolen Cadillac. The subsequent attempts to flee and the ensuing collisions with the deputy’s patrol vehicle unfolded in a dramatic sequence, ultimately leading to the arrests of the two suspects.

Attempting to evade authorities, Williams collided with the patrol vehicle before ultimately crashing into a tree. Despite the collisions, no injuries were reported, and both suspects were successfully apprehended.

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Collisions, Arrests, and No Injuries

As the deputy activated the patrol vehicle’s lights, Williams, behind the wheel of the stolen car, crashed into the law enforcement vehicle and later collided with a tree. Remarkably, no injuries were sustained in these collisions.

Both Garner and Williams attempted to flee on foot after the crashes but were apprehended by law enforcement. The incident highlights the swift response of authorities in ensuring public safety, leading to the successful arrest of the individuals involved.

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