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Russian Duma Deputy Criticizes US New Year’s Message as ‘Interference’ in Internal Affairs


A New Year’s greeting from the US embassy in Moscow to the Russian people has triggered condemnation from Vasily Piskaryov, the head of the Duma commission investigating interference in Russia’s internal affairs. Piskaryov decried the message as meddling and a violation of Russia’s sovereignty. The US message expressed goodwill and wished for a happy and peaceful New Year, highlighting common ground between the two nations.

Photo: RFE/RL

Diplomatic Tensions

Piskaryov, overseeing probes into foreign interference, accused the US of addressing the Russian people without official channels, framing it as an intrusion. This echoes the Russian government’s resistance to external involvement in its domestic affairs.

The Russian government’s perception of its people as non-political subjects is reflected in its rejection of people-to-people connections, reinforcing an isolationist stance.

The contrasting approach of the Russian embassy in Washington, which refrained from sending a message to the American people, underscores the diplomatic tension between the two nations.

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Diplomatic Struggles

The refusal of Russian diplomats in Washington to engage with the American public is seen as a manifestation of their struggles and a lack of understanding of effective diplomatic practices.

The disconnect between the Russian government’s self-created narrative and the real world is highlighted, suggesting limitations in their diplomatic approach.

The incident underscores broader challenges in diplomatic relations, revealing a communication gap and an inability to navigate international engagement.

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