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Tragic Turn in Texas: Father and Son Arrested in Killings of Pregnant Woman and Boyfriend

Photo: ABC7

In a heartbreaking development in Texas, a father and son have been arrested in connection with the killings of Savanah Nicole Soto, 18, and her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, 22. The young pregnant woman had gone missing before Christmas, leaving her family in distress. Their bodies were discovered days later in a car at a San Antonio apartment complex. The city’s police chief initially deemed the crime scene as “very, very perplexing,” but recent arrests shed light on a possible drug deal gone awry.

Photo from Google

The Tragic Discovery

The bodies of Savanah Nicole Soto and Matthew Guerra were found in the parking lot, raising questions and concerns in the community. Soto, who was overdue and scheduled for induction, went missing, adding to the distress of her family.

The police chief hinted at a drug deal connection, leaving the community puzzled. The investigation revealed that the couple had likely been killed on December 21, days before their bodies were found.

Misinformation on social media added to the complexity of the case, but authorities emphasized that the arrested father and son were the sole suspects in this tragic incident.

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Arrests and Potential Charges

Christopher Preciado, 19, faces capital murder charges, while his father, Ramon Preciado, 53, is charged with abuse of a corpse for their alleged involvement in moving the bodies. Both were the only suspects authorities were searching for.

Police traced clues from Soto’s cellphone, leading them to a vehicle seen on surveillance video. The release of the footage prompted public assistance in identifying the individuals.

District Attorney Joe Gonzales praised the police’s efforts and mentioned that the complete investigation files would determine potential additional charges. The possibility of pursuing the death penalty for Christopher Preciado will be considered if he is indicted for capital murder.

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