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Denver’s Nighttime Intruder: Wave of Break-Ins Leaves Businesses in the Shadows of Uncertainty

Photo from: 9 News

A wave of break-ins has swept through businesses across the Denver metro area, leaving owners on edge and grappling with losses. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s office reported that six businesses in a Littleton-area strip mall fell victim to burglaries that occurred between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, sparking concerns among the local business community.

Photo from: 9 News

Littleton Strip Mall Hit

Six businesses in the 9700 block of West Coal Mine Avenue, including Arsnick Art Business, Just for Paws, Los Potrancas, Mono Mono Korean Fried Chicken, The Gaykery, and Two Raven Soap Company, were targeted in the recent string of break-ins. The burglaries have not only resulted in financial losses but have also left business owners dealing with damages and the added burden of repair costs.

The owner of Two Raven Soap, Jake Miller, shared his frustration, mentioning that despite having insurance, the deductible leaves him with out-of-pocket expenses. Miller, like many small business owners, is faced with the challenge of covering approximately $900 in damages during what he describes as the slowest month of the year for his business.

The break-ins extend beyond Littleton, with businesses in other cities around the metro also falling victim to the criminal spree. In Centennial, RORO Juice experienced a burglary where the suspect made off with the cash register. The owner, Jenn Schultz, expressed her feelings of violation and concern for her employees’ safety. The proximity of the incidents and the strikingly similar modus operandi have raised suspicions of a coordinated effort.

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Widespread Impact Across the Metro

Schultz recounted hearing about the break-in at Two Raven Soap shortly before her business was targeted. She described the events as a sequence of violations, leaving business owners not only dealing with property damage but also grappling with a sense of insecurity.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has stated that it is aggressively looking into the cases and will look into any possible links between the crimes in Centennial and Littleton. Based on surveillance footage, law enforcement authorities have described the suspect and are asking anyone with information to call them at 303-271-0211.

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