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Conduct at-home health assessments and transfer information to telehealth services using this device.

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Withings launched BeamO, a breakthrough in-home health tool, at CES 2024. This multipurpose device provides reliable health data like a thermometer, ECG, oximeter, and stethoscope. Telehealth has made it harder to get accurate health information from home, making BeamO a useful health monitoring tool.

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Withings Introduces BeamO: A Comprehensive Health Device for In-Home Monitoring

Advanced medical-grade and FDA-cleared device maker Withings empowers families to perform in-home exams and support healthcare professionals in remote telehealth consultations. BeamO provides a reliable alternative to physician visits for collecting vital health data at home. The device conveniently integrates with the Withings smartphone app to create detailed health data reports.

The dynamic LED display on the BeamO shows instant results before syncing with the smartphone app. Its sides have sensors to measure heart rate and SpO2. A noninvasive temporal artery scan measures core body temperature, while a piezoelectric disc-equipped digital stethoscope measures heart and lung function.

The BeamO syncs with Withings and the smartphone app via Wi-Fi. BeamO’s health data works easily with Withings’ app and other linked health products. BeamO will be available in June 2024 for $250, pending FDA ECG approval.

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Withings Enhances App for Medication Tracking and Side Effect Reporting, Bolstering Home Health Monitoring with BeamO

Along with the new hardware, the Withings app is getting changes to improve user experience. Users can now enter medication data and establish adherence reminders. The software also lets users record and report pharmaceutical side effects to doctors.

In the age of telemedicine, precise health data is essential, and the BeamO device and software improvements improve at-home health monitoring. With its many features, the BeamO offers a complete health solution that lets customers assess their health at home.

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