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Walmart’s Customer-Centric Revolution: 4 Game-Changing Moves Unveiled by CEO to Enhance Service, Accelerating Delivery for Shoppers

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CEO Doug McMillon is driving a technological change at Walmart, the world’s largest private company. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Walmart revealed four big technical advancements, marking a new era.

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Tech-Powered Shopping Revolution: Walmart Unleashes AI, Drone Deliveries, and Electric Vehicle Initiatives for a Greener Tomorrow

McMillon stressed using technology to serve customers and announced the Walmart app’s AI. This generative AI lets users do sophisticated searches to identify objects linked to a subject, such as a Super Bowl “football watch party.”

Microsoft-powered AI search is presently available on iOS devices and will be expanded to other platforms. Walmart expanded its drone delivery business, another major move. After successfully testing drone deliveries in 2020, the business is offering them to millions of Dallas-Fort Worth homes, covering 75% of the metro area’s population. The drone delivery system, shown at CES in Vegas, has delivered thousands of parcels and promises faster and more efficient service.

Walmart is investing considerably in electric vehicles (EVs) to improve sustainability. Over 280 stores have EV charging stations as of April 2023, and hundreds will have them by 2030. Walmart’s green initiative includes 50% renewable energy by 2025 and a 100% green operation by 2035, including electric vehicles.

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Walmart’s Social Shopping Leap: ‘Shop with Friends’ Unveils Augmented Reality Experience, as Retail Giant Joins EV Revolution

In an attempt to enter social media, Walmart launched “Shop with Friends.” This tool lets users link accounts and share purchasing experiences. The gadget displays item images onto homes and shoppers’ bodies using augmented reality, creating an immersive shopping experience. Walmart’s beta program shows its desire to integrate social components into its retail platform.

Walmart and the government are supporting electric vehicles as they adopt new technology. The IRS is giving a $7,500 tax rebate for new or used EV buyers. The Biden administration’s Inflation Reduction Act’s buy-American restrictions may limit the rebate’s eligible autos. Walmart is using AI, drone deliveries, green initiatives, and social shopping to better serve its customers in the current day.

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