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Lottery Alert: $105,000 Unclaimed Jackpot – Winner Urged to Check Tickets!

Photo from: NewsBreak

Lottery enthusiasts in Indiana are being cautioned to swiftly check their tickets, as a substantial $105,000 prize from the state’s CA$H 5 game remains unclaimed. The winning ticket, with numbers 10-27-30-35-44, was purchased at Casey’s convenience store in Linton on January 9. The clock is ticking for the lucky winner, as the Hoosier Lottery provides a 180-day window to claim prizes, setting the deadline in early July.

Photo from: NewsBreak

Deadline and Winning Numbers

Officials from the state’s lotto agency, Hoosier Lottery, urgently advise players to scrutinize their tickets following the unclaimed $105,000 jackpot. The winner’s limited time to claim their windfall emphasizes the need for prompt action.

With the deadline for claiming the prize in early July, the winner has a finite period to step forward. The drawn numbers, 10-27-30-35-44, hold the key to unlocking the $105,000 jackpot, making it imperative for the winner to verify their ticket soon.

CA$H 5, a state lotto game exclusive to Indiana players, operates similarly to national games like Powerball or Mega Millions. Players choose or have the lotto machine assign five numbers between 1 and 45. Daily drawings occur around 11 pm, and the jackpot, starting at $75,000, grows by a minimum of $5,000 per day until won.

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Financial Considerations and Tax Implications

CA$H 5 players face varying odds and potential winnings. Matching one ball results in a loss while matching two earns a quick pick ticket. Three matching numbers yield $15, four offer $200, and hit the jackpot by matching all five balls rewards a total of $105,000. The January 9 winner was the sole player to achieve this feat.

While the jackpot stands at $105,000, winners often receive a reduced amount after factoring in taxes. It serves as a reminder that taxes can substantially impact lottery winnings, with past instances where winners lost a significant portion of their prizes due to taxation.

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