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James Dolan, MSG Owner, Faces Allegations of Sexual Assault Conspiring with Harvey Weinstein

Photo from: CNN

James Dolan, Madison Square Garden’s owner, is now at the center of a sexual assault lawsuit filed in California by massage therapist Kellye Croft. The lawsuit alleges that Dolan, who owns the Knicks and the Rangers, sexually assaulted Croft in 2013 and orchestrated a meeting with disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein, during which Croft claims she was sexually assaulted. The legal action shines a light on the documented friendship between Dolan and Weinstein, both of whom vehemently deny the allegations.

Photo from: CNN

Harvey Weinstein Connection

Dolan‘s close association with Harvey Weinstein has come under scrutiny, with the lawsuit suggesting a conspiracy between the two men to assault the same woman. The well-documented friendship between Dolan and Weinstein is now a focal point in the legal battle, raising questions about the extent of their collaboration in the alleged assaults.

In the lawsuit, Kellye Croft is seeking both monetary and punitive damages, citing profound suffering due to the alleged assaults. Croft’s attorney argues that seeking accountability for the trauma she endured is paramount, accusing Dolan of bringing her to California to abuse her and arranging the encounter with Weinstein.

Both Dolan and Weinstein have vehemently denied the accusations through their attorneys. Dolan’s legal representative stated that there is no merit to the allegations and that the references to Weinstein are meant to inflame and appear plagiarized from previous cases against the film producer. The legal team expresses confidence in disproving the claims, characterizing them as retaliatory.

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Lingering Friendship and Accusations

The lawsuit reveals that when Croft informed Dolan about Weinstein’s alleged actions, Dolan reportedly accused her of lying. The details underscore the complex dynamics involved in the case, with allegations of assault, collusion, and potential victim-blaming contributing to a web of legal complexities.

As the legal battle intensifies, Dolan’s attorney asserts that there is compelling evidence supporting their position. The case is presented as more than a mere he said/she said matter, indicating that the legal proceedings are likely to be protracted and closely scrutinized. The court will be the arena where the allegations and denials are put to the test.

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