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Justice in the Crosshairs: Duluth Man Takes Legal Aim After 2020 Police Shooting

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After a 2020 shooting, 26-year-old Jared Fyle sued Duluth and police officer Tyler Leibfried for federal civil rights violations. Leibfried faces a civil action with a lower standard of proof while being acquitted in criminal court. Fyle claims Leibfried violated his constitutional rights by firing rounds through a closed door, wounding his back shoulder.

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Doorstep Drama: Lawsuit Unveils Dispute Over Officer’s Actions in 2020 Shooting

According to the lawsuit, Leibfried didn’t identify himself, kept firing despite requests, and the city neglected to train him. The town and Leibfried’s lawyers refute the claims, stating that Fyle’s conduct caused the shooting and that Leibfried used justifiable force to respond to a perceived danger.

On September 12, 2020, Leibfried fired through Fyle’s Kingsley Heights Apartments door after receiving a domestic disturbance complaint. Body camera footage shows Leibfried firing four shots, hesitating, and firing two more while Fyle pleads for him to stop. Shot in the back shoulder, Fyle retained a bullet fragment.

Leibfried was fired by the Duluth Police Department and charged with an offense, but a jury acquitted him, and an arbitrator reinstated him. Fyle’s lawsuit claims Leibfried’s firing through a closed door without knowing the danger was objectively unreasonable.

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Lawsuit Reveals Officer’s Past Influences 2020 Shooting Incident

An earlier shooting event in which Leibfried felt shot at may have influenced his judgment during the 2020 call, according to the complaint. The city allegedly mistrained Leibfried following the event. Fyle’s lawyers say Leibfried’s conduct caused considerable suffering and a scar.

An arbitrator reinstated Leibfried after the Police Department sacked him. Leibfried committed a “serious violation” of city policy, which the Minnesota Court of Appeals found to be job misconduct.

Fyle’s civil complaint for damages against Leibfried despite his criminal acquittal is complicated. The argument emphasizes law enforcement force difficulties and reconciling legal positions on the same incident.

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