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Moving To Georgia: Things To Be Aware Of Before Finalizing Decisions

Here are the things you should know before moving to Georgia. (Photo: Advantour)
Here are the things you should know before moving to Georgia. (Photo: Advantour)

Check out the things you should be considering before moving to Georgia.

Retirees can also consider moving to Georgia. (Photo: The Council Of Europe)

Retirees can also consider moving to Georgia. (Photo: The Council Of Europe)

Things You Need To Do Before Moving To Georgia

Moving to Georgia offers an exciting opportunity for newcomers due to its rich history, diverse culture, and booming economy. According to a published article by the Southwest Journal, before making the move and moving to Georgia, it is important to secure a trustworthy moving company and set up mail forwarding through USPS to ensure important correspondence is not missed.

Upon arrival after moving to Georgia, updating your address with various institutions such as the local DMV, voter registration, and informing your bank and employer of your new location is a priority. If you are looking to lay down family roots after moving to Georgia, suburbs like Alpharetta and Marietta offer excellent schools and family-friendly communities.

For young professionals planning on moving to Georgia, Atlanta provides a blend of professional opportunities and social activities. Retirees who are moving to Georgia can also find peace and tranquility in places like Savannah and Blue Ridge.

Before moving to Georgia, it is important to know Georgia’s housing market which offers a variety of options, whether you are renting or buying, with websites like and Zillow being valuable tools in the search. The cost of living in Georgia should also be considered before moving to Georgia.

An Icon Removed From Georgia’s Main Cathedral

In a published article by BBC, a controversial icon depicting Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin meeting a Russian Orthodox saint has been removed from Georgia’s main cathedral. The Georgian Church took down the painting as there was insufficient evidence that the two had ever met.

The icon, which was donated by the anti-Western nationalist party Alliance of Patriots, caused a public outcry and was recently splashed with blue paint in protest.

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