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Ukrainian Crew’s Heroic Encounter: Bradley Takes On Russia’s T-90M Tank

Photo from: YouTube

Amid the ongoing conflict, a Ukrainian soldier recounts a daring encounter as his team engaged Russia’s advanced T-90M tank using a U.S.-supplied M2 Bradley. The video footage, purportedly showing the Bradley in action, underscores the effectiveness of these infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) supplied by the U.S. to Ukraine. However, Newsweek has yet to independently verify the authenticity of the clip.

Photo from: YouTube

American Support for Kyiv

The United States has provided military aid to Ukraine, including 186 Bradley IFVs, signaling support in the conflict. The video release showcases the IFV’s capability in successful strikes against Russian targets. This support reflects international efforts to bolster Ukraine’s defense against Moscow’s forces.

Reports suggest that the U.S.-supplied Bradleys have proven instrumental on the frontlines, with Ukrainian commanders attesting to their effectiveness. The IFVs, equipped with a 25mm chain gun, have become a crucial asset for Ukrainian forces in countering Russia’s armored units.

In a riveting interview, members of Ukraine’s 47th Mechanized Brigade, identified as Serhiy, Bradley’s gunner, and Oleksandr, the driver, share their firsthand experience. Serhiy humorously reflects on his initial reluctance, saying, “In training, I was saying, ‘god forbid I see a tank in the sights.’ It turned out that I did, and it was very close.”

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Bradley’s Strategic Role

The crew describes their efforts to engage the T-90M tank, emphasizing the meticulous training that contributed to their success. The Bradley’s capacity to instill fear among Russian soldiers, as noted by a Ukrainian commander, adds a strategic advantage for Ukrainian forces.

The video, posted on social media platforms, including Twitter, has garnered significant attention, amassing millions of views. WarTranslated describes it as a “personal and detailed interview with the crew of the Ukrainian Bradley,” highlighting the public’s interest in firsthand accounts from the frontlines.

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