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Best Tips to Avoid Driving Fatigue in 2024

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The new year brings brutal weather, so drivers should stay focused on avoiding accidents, especially on icy or wet roads. Drivers should wait up to 2 hours before drinking caffeine to prevent tiredness, according to Zego’s specialists. For driver safety, sensory engagement, breaks, and relaxation are stressed.

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Stay Refreshed and Alert: Top Tips for Safe Driving in Challenging Conditions

Experts advocate taking 30-minute pauses after 5 hours of driving to refresh the body, which the UK government recommends. Drivers can keep attentive by opening windows or listening to music. Concentration can be improved by chewing gum. Getting enough sleep before a long travel helps you stay focused.

Heavy, oily foods might weary drivers, so they should eat and drink well. Staying hydrated is essential, especially in cold weather when thirst is reduced. Eat fruit, nuts, or vegetables to remain energized.

Low visibility, weariness, and more traffic during decreasing daylight hours discourage night driving. Avoid driving when the body rests late at night to retain focus and reaction time. Drive long trips in daylight if possible.

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Adoption of Advanced Safety Measures on the Road

To improve driving safety, invest in technology. Drivers can keep alert with collision avoidance systems, blind-spot monitoring, and rear-view camera mirrors. Face tracking and smartwatches can avoid driver fatigue-related accidents. Lane departure and lane-keep warning systems also avoid long-distance collisions.

Zego CEO Sten Saar stresses the necessity of drivers, especially critical personnel, to adopt safety precautions on the road during busy seasons and year-round.

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