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Texas Faces 26,000 Pregnancies After Abortion Ban, Raising National Concern

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A recent report from Trib Live shows that around 26,000 pregnancies in Texas resulted from rape since the state put strict abortion laws in place. The laws don’t allow exceptions for rape or incest, making it tough for survivors. This significant finding, shared in the Journal of the American Medical Association, sheds light on how tough abortion rules impact women’s choices.

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Fewer Abortions and Changing Fertility

The number of abortions in Texas dropped drastically, going from 50,000 in 2021 to only 40 in the first eight months of 2023.

This shift in laws, especially the Heartbeat Act, affecting abortions after six weeks, has also changed how many babies are born in the state, showing differences among racial groups and an unexpected rise in teen pregnancies.

The overall number of babies born in Texas increased by 2% in 2022, mainly because more Hispanic women had babies. However, Black and White women had fewer. Teen pregnancies also went up slightly, which is unusual since this number usually goes down nationwide.

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Challenges for Women’s Health and Access to Care

The unclear rules about when abortion is allowed, especially during emergencies, led to lawsuits. The Zurawski v. State of Texas case is waiting for a decision, highlighting the struggle for clear abortion access.

A mom from Dallas, Kate Cox, became a symbol of the fight against abortion bans. She had to leave the state for an urgent abortion, and her story even caught the attention of First Lady Jill Biden, who invited her to the State of the Union address.

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