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President Biden’s Involvement in Business Matters: Denied by Hunter Biden and Associates

Photo from Fox News

Fox News reported about the circulating rumors of President Biden’s involvement in business matters of his son’s. In a marathon testimony before congressional investigators, Hunter Biden’s business associate, Rob Walker, vehemently asserted that President Joe Biden was “never involved” in any of his son’s business activities. The testimony, part of the House impeachment inquiry against President Biden, unfolded as Walker addressed questions about the Denver Basic Income Program, in which he played a key role.

Photo from Yahoo

Associates Deny Presidential Involvement

Rob Walker, a longtime friend of Hunter Biden, stated under oath that allegations about President Biden’s involvement in business matters with his son are “unfounded.” He emphasized that President Biden maintained a clear boundary between his official duties and his son’s business dealings, adding that Hunter ensured this separation was respected.

Walker’s testimony also covered his involvement in the Denver Basic Income Program, funded by the city and federal relief funds. He expressed concerns that his words might be exploited for political objectives and requested the release of the complete transcript to avoid misrepresentation.

Amidst the testimony about the denial of President Biden’s involvement in business matters, Republican representatives highlighted alleged business dealings, including a $3 million payment from a Chinese company, linking it to President Biden’s tenure and his son’s activities.

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Financial Transactions and Impeachment Inquiry

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan revealed details of Walker’s testimony, indicating President Biden’s involvement in business matters after Joe Biden’s vice presidency and connections to foreign funds. The testimony raised questions about financial transactions and their relevance to the ongoing House impeachment inquiry.

Walker’s LLC, Robinson Walker, reportedly received foreign funds, leading to payments to Biden family members. The timing of these transactions about diplomatic meetings and discussions on corruption has sparked further scrutiny.

Walker’s testimony also touched on Hunter Biden’s challenges, citing the impact of his brother Beau’s illness on Hunter’s life and business endeavors.

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