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CASH Maine: Residents May Miss Important Tax Credits This Season—Be Informed!

CASH Maine Residents Tax Credit (Photo from Tom's Guide)

CASH Maine residents may lose federal and state EITC and Child Tax Credits when tax season begins on January 29. These credits may boost income and lower federal taxes for qualifying persons. However, many are unaware of their eligibility, missing out on food, clothing, and shelter aid. For these tax credits, eligible individuals and families must complete a Maine federal tax return by April 17.

CASH Maine Residents Tax Credit (Photo from Tom’s Guide)

Learn How to Claim Tax Credits: CASH Maine Urges Mainers

CASH Maine organizer Kelley Glidden said, “Many eligible people have no idea about these tax credits or how to get them. All Mainers should submit taxes and earn credits at

EITC helped 95,110 Maine taxpayers claim $197,207 in 2019. Workers 25–64 without children might receive $600 in 2023, while those with children could receive $7,430. Maine taxpayers must have a Social Security number for each individual and earn less than $24,210 without kids or $63,398 with kids in 2023 to qualify for the federal EITC. Part-time, temporary, and gig work counted in 2023.

Child Tax Credit refunds totaled $108,378 for 63,440 Maine taxpayers in 2019. Families earning over $2,500 in 2023 may receive a $1,600 return and $2,000 for each child under 17.

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CASH Maine Guides Mainers to Maximize Tax Credits

Due to the pandemic, the EITC and Child Tax Credit expanded in 2021 to benefit more families. People eligible for the 2021 extended EITC, Child Tax Credit, or unclaimed stimulus cheques from the first two rounds can file a 2020 tax return by May 17 to fix the issue.

CASH Maine actively explains tax credit eligibility. First-time filers receive free legal aid via local VITA providers, the 211 helpline, online tax filing platforms, and LITCs.

The nine-organization CASH Maine provides year-round money management education and outreach to help Maine families become financially secure.

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