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Hunter Biden’s Federal Gun Charges Seeking for Dismissal, Alleging Political Motivation

Photo from NBC News

Hunter Biden’s legal team has filed motions seeking the dismissal of Hunter Biden’s federal gun charges, claiming the case is politically motivated, according to recent report from NEWSMAX. The son of President Joe Biden asserts that the charges are driven by his political affiliations, being the son of a Democratic President and a perceived rival to former President Trump.

Hunter Biden’s Federal Gun Charges Seeking for Dismissal, Alleging Political Motivation (Photo from NPR)

Hunter Biden’s Federal Gun Charges: Political Targeting Allegations

Attorneys for Hunter Biden argue that Hunter Biden’s federal gun charges stem from political motivations, emphasizing that he is the son of a sitting President and a potential contender in the upcoming presidential election. The defense contends that the prosecution yielded to pressure from Republicans seeking to undermine President Biden’s reelection bid.

Hunter Biden’s legal team also asserts that he was unconstitutionally charged for partisan reasons due to his father’s political position, seeking to link the case to ongoing political dynamics and suggesting bias in the legal proceedings.

The defense maintains that a diversion program, initially part of a plea deal with the Department of Justice, should persist, even though the deal faced withdrawal concerns. The attorneys argue that the DOJ and Hunter Biden had previously agreed to the diversion program, regardless of the plea deal’s fate.

Hunter Biden’s Federal Gun Charges: Complications Surrounding Plea Deal

The plea deal, involving a diversion program, was initially intended to address Hunter Biden’s federal gun charges and tax charges but faced challenges, leading to its withdrawal. Despite the breakdown of the plea deal, Hunter Biden’s defense contends that the agreed-upon diversion program should still be in effect.

After the plea deal collapsed, Hunter Biden was indicted on federal firearms charges related to the purchase of a Colt Cobra .38 Special. He pleaded not guilty, and the legal team maintains that the charges are a consequence of the political climate.


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