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2 Caretakers Arrested for Allegedly Stealing $35K from Disabled Elderly Couple in Northern California

Photo from Abante TNT

Two caretakers arrested in Northern California for allegedly embezzling over $35,000 from a disabled elderly couple they were entrusted to assist, prompting an elder abuse investigation by the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, according to a report from The Sacramento Bee.

2 Caretakers Arrested for Allegedly Stealing $35K from Disabled Elderly Couple in Northern California (Photo from Philstar)

Caretakers Arrested for Exploiting Vulnerability

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office initiated an investigation following an anonymous tip, uncovering allegations of financial exploitation against a wheelchair-bound husband and wife in Grass Valley.

Arrests were made of a 29-year-old woman and a 44-year-old woman, accused of individually pilfering significant sums, $15,000 and $20,000 respectively, over a four-month period.

Authorities highlighted the suspects’ access to sensitive financial data, indicating a betrayal of trust as the motive behind the theft, echoing the sentiment expressed by Ashley Quadros, a Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman.

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Ongoing Investigation and Community Response on The Caretakers Arrested

While both suspects have posted bail and are out of custody, formal charges had yet to be filed as of Tuesday afternoon, according to court records.

The caretakers face charges including theft from an elderly person, conspiracy, and the creation of false checks, as the investigation continues under the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office.

Lt. Russell Greene expressed dismay over the exploitation, emphasizing the vulnerability of the victims and the breach of trust by those entrusted to care for them. Reports of elder abuse in Nevada County can be made by contacting 530-265-7880.

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