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Lyons Magnus Company Settlement: Get Your Share of the $3.5 Million Milk Lawsuit Payout

(Photo from: Top Class Actions)

The Lyons Magnus Company has settled a class-action lawsuit involving a potential bacterial contamination in some of its products, including milk. With a $3.5 million settlement, eligible customers stand to receive compensation, even without proof of purchase.

Lyons Magnus Company Settlement: Get Your Share of the $3.5 Million Milk Lawsuit Payout (Photo from: Top Class Actions)

Lyons Magnus Company Settlement Details

The Lyons Magnus Company settled a class-action lawsuit for bacterial contamination in its milk products for $3.5 million. Despite contesting the charges, the company paid. Lyons Magnus customers who bought personal or household products between April 1, 2021, and October 27, 2022, are entitled to compensation.

The Lyons Magnus Company, known for its beverages, frozen desserts, syrups, and fruits, was sued in a class action for failing to notify customers of bacterial contamination in its milk. Lyons Magnus settled the complaint while disputing the claims, demonstrating a desire to resolve the situation amicably. The $3.5 million settlement addresses Lyons Magnus product buyers’ concerns from April 1, 2021, until October 27, 2022.

Lyons Magnus compensated eligible claimants after agreeing to the settlement, stressing customer pleasure and trust. The corporation denied the charges but chose settlement over lengthy legal battles to retain its reputation and consumer confidence. Even without a receipt, Lyons Magnus customers who bought products within the stipulated timeframe for personal or household use can claim a one-time settlement fund reimbursement. This inclusive strategy shows Lyons Magnus’ dedication to equitable reparation for harmed consumers and the food service industry’s openness and responsibility.

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Claim Process and Deadlines

Customers who qualify can obtain the Lyons Magnus Company settlement without a receipt. However, customers with evidence of purchase can get their total product price plus sales tax back. 

To receive their settlement monies, impacted parties must file a claim by February 9, 2024.

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