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Aren Marcus Jackson Wife, Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth

Aren Marcus Jackson Wife

Aren Marcus Jackson is well-recognized as the husband of TV Personality of Tia Torres. You Can see below full details of Aren Marcus Jackson.

Who is Aren Marcus Jackson?

Aren Marcus Jackson’s encounters with the law led to his incarceration, despite his claims of innocence. Now behind bars for offenses he denies committing, he’s often recognized as the estranged husband of Tia Maria Torres.

Tia Torres Biography

Aren Marcus Jackson, born in August 1968, has a mysterious past shrouded in secrecy. Little is known about his early life, including his date of birth, family background, or schooling. What is evident, however, is his troubled journey marked by frequent encounters with the law.

As a youth, Aren often found himself on the wrong side of the law, paving the way for a tumultuous adulthood marred by criminal activity. His extensive rap sheet spans from minor infractions to serious felonies, including car theft, firearms possession, attempted murder, and parole violations.

In 2007, Aren faced his most significant legal battle yet, with charges ranging from auto theft to possession of stolen property. Following a search of his residence that uncovered incriminating evidence, including illicit substances and stolen documents, he maintained his innocence but eventually struck a plea deal. As a result, he received a life sentence along with additional years behind bars.

Tia Torres Age

Who is Aren Marcus Jackson Wife?

Aren Marcus Jackson is a married man. Aren Marcus Jackson wife is Tia Torres. They married in 2006. The couple have four children- Mariah Torres, Tania Torres, Kanani Chock, and Keli’i Chock. Tania is from Tia’s previous relationship.

Who is Tia Torres?

Tia Torres, the heart and soul behind Villalobos Rescue Center, stands as a beacon of hope for Pit Bulls across the nation. Known as the leading Pit Bull haven in the United States, Villalobos is Tia’s brainchild, born from her unwavering dedication to these misunderstood pups.

Her journey began with six years in the army, shaping her into a formidable force for good. Following her military service, Tia delved into community service, working tirelessly to quell gang violence in Los Angeles. Acting as a bridge between the city and gang members, she advocated for peace and understanding.

But Tia’s love for Pit Bulls soon took center stage. In her quest to dispel myths and promote responsible ownership, she founded the Pit Bull Support Group. This initiative provided vital resources and education to Pit Bull owners, free of charge.

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Aren Marcus Jackson and his wife

In 2006, Tia’s passion took a transformative turn with the inception of Underdawgz. This innovative program paired rescue dogs with parolees, offering both a chance at redemption and companionship.

Today, Tia resides amidst the serene swamplands of south Louisiana, surrounded by the love of eight canine companions. Her unwavering commitment to Pit Bulls continues to inspire countless souls, making her a true guardian angel for these beloved breeds.

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