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Atz Kilcher Age, Wiki, Wife, Children, Parents, Career

Atz Kilcher Age

Atz Kilcher, born to Yule F. Kilcher and Ruth Weber, holds the esteemed position of the eldest son in the Kilcher family. You may recognize him as one of the beloved stars of the captivating Discovery show, “Alaska: The Last Frontier.” This enthralling series sheds light on the Kilcher homestead, a legacy established eight decades ago amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Homer, Alaska, nestled along the picturesque shores of Kachemak Bay.

Atz Kilcher Age, Wiki, Bio

ATZ’s full name is Attila Kuno “Atz” Kilcher. Atz Kilcher was born on 2 September 1947 in Homer, Alaska, United States. Atz Kilcher’s age is 77 years as of 2024. He did his study in his hometown. Atz Kilcher’s nationality is American. Atz Kilcher’s parents were Yule Kilcher and Ruth Kilcher. Atz Kilcher, the eldest son among eight siblings, shares a close-knit bond with his family.

His brother Otto is his companion on the popular Discovery Channel TV series, while he cherishes the company of his six sisters: Wurtilla, Fay, Catkin, Stellavera, Mossy, and Sunrise. Together, they form a tight-knit family unit, navigating life’s adventures with love and unity.

Atz Kilcher Wife, First-wife, Children

Atz Kilcher is a married man. Atz Kilcher wife was Lenedra Carroll. She is an accomplished businesswoman, artist, poet, author, singer, and philanthropist. They married many years ago and got divorced 1982. They had three children- His oldest son, Shane Kilcher, works on the homestead along with his youngest son, Atz Lee Kilcher. His daughter, Jewel Kilcher, is a Grammy-nominated folk singer. According to reports, After divorced from Lenedra Carroll, Atz Kilcher remarried to Bonnie Dupree.

Atz Kilcher Career

In 2018, Atz Kilcher unveiled his captivating memoir, “Son of a Midnight Land: A Memoir in Stories,” offering readers a poignant glimpse into his remarkable journey. From his formative years on the family homestead to his harrowing experiences in the Vietnam War and his subsequent career as a social worker, Kilcher’s narrative brims with poignant anecdotes and heartfelt reflections.

Throughout his memoir, Kilcher candidly shares the challenges he faced, including navigating his father’s tempestuous temperament. Yet, amidst the trials, he unearths invaluable lessons gleaned from his father’s teachings, shaping him into the resilient individual he is today.

Beyond his literary endeavors, Kilcher is a revered figure in his native Alaska, renowned for his musical prowess. With a knack for songwriting and yodeling, he weaves tales of his life’s odyssey into soul-stirring melodies. Together with his daughter, the acclaimed singer-songwriter Jewel Kilcher, they embarked on enchanting journeys across Alaska, serenading audiences with their harmonious melodies and spirited yodeling performances.

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