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Peter Higgs Wife, Age, Wiki, Death, Career, Net Worth

Peter Higgs wife

Peter Higgs was a British theoretical physicist. He taught at the University of Edinburgh and won a Nobel Prize in Physics for his research on subatomic particle masses.

Peter Higgs Wife, Children

Peter Higgs was a married man. Peter Higgs wife was Jody Williamson. She was an American lecturer in linguistics at Edinburgh. She is also a fellow activist with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). They married in 1963. In 1965, the couple welcome their first child. They had two sons:- Jonny Higgs (jazz musician) and Chris Higgs (computer scientist). Higgs and Williamson divorced in 1972 but stayed friends until her passing in 2008.

Peter Higgs Death, Wiki, Age, Biography

Peter Higgs’ full name was Peter Ware Higgs. He was born on 29 May 1929 in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Peter Higgs died on 8 April 2024 at the age of 94 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Peter Higgs’ parents was Gertrude Higgs and Thomas Higgs. Peter did his studies at King’s College London (1951–1954), Cotham School (1941–1946), and University of London. Peter Higgs’ nationality was British.

Peter Higgs Career

In 1964, Higgs penned one of the landmark papers in Physical Review Letters (PRL), proposing the concept of spontaneous symmetry breaking in electroweak theory. This idea explained how elementary particles, like the W and Z bosons, gain mass. It introduced the notion of the Higgs boson, a particle whose discovery became a major quest in physics.

In 2012, CERN confirmed the existence of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider. This mechanism, now known as the Higgs mechanism, is a crucial aspect of the Standard Model of particle physics, providing mass to certain particles. Higgs and François Englert were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for this groundbreaking work in 2013.

Higgs received numerous accolades for his groundbreaking contributions to physics. Among them, he was awarded the Hughes Medal by the Royal Society in 1981, the Rutherford Medal by the Institute of Physics in 1984, and the Dirac Medal and Prize for theoretical physics in 1997. The European Physical Society honored him with the High Energy and Particle Physics Prize in the same year.

He was also a recipient of the prestigious Wolf Prize in Physics in 2004 and the J. J. Sakurai Prize for Theoretical Particle Physics by the American Physical Society in 2010. The Royal Society of Edinburgh bestowed upon him a unique Higgs Medal in 2012, while the Royal Society awarded him the esteemed Copley Medal in 2015, the oldest scientific prize in the world.

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