What is Triller? The alternative to TikTok that triumphs in the United States

While the controversy with TikTok continues and its future in the United States is unknown, an almost unknown application in Spain does not stop gaining followers.

Instability does not suit any company and on TikTok they are suffering. It is not necessary to extend too much in all the controversies that this application has had that is still waiting for some American company to buy its rights in the United States. Whether Oracle or not, everything that happens is causing you a reputational crisis that benefits the competition.

Meanwhile, a multitude of applications with similar functionalities are launched, as has happened with the Instagram Reels or the recent activation of Youtube Shorts. But they exist other applications that already had a similar use, such as Triller.

This application of American origin was created in 2015 and it has many similarities, starting with the vertical feed to watch short videos with speed, filters that increasingly improve in quantity and quality and a clearly oriented approach towards music videos.

Triller is growing significantly and one of the strategies he uses is well known in the world of video games: sign influencers. An example is given by Engadget with Charli D’Amelio, who has 87 million followers on TikTok. Its CEO, Mike Lu, admits that “Until a month ago, we had never paid anyone to make a video”.

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For many, this application was unknown until a month ago Trump opened an account to upload campaign videos and, at the same time, show the dynamism it offers. Nothing is accidental and advertising this application was a way to pressure TikTok to speed up the sales process. But it is clear that the growth of an application has to go by steps and perhaps Trump is not as attractive to young people as if a pop star or an influencer were to open an account.

Even so, Triller has grown in 80 countries during the summer and has been downloaded at least 250 million times. The CEO claims that they collect less data than TikTok and does not hide that users see it as the next step to this application: “It’s great to see that the world sees us as a natural successor to TikTok“. He also stated about the rate of downloads that”Definitely we’re on a rocket … and we don’t see that diminishing in the short term“.

In any case, if you want to try Triller, here are the links. At least many American users will know that this application is not going to be closed tomorrow or any day.

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