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18-Year-Old Teen in Texas Killed His Parents and 2 Siblings

Texas teen
Texas teen shot and killed his family. (Photo: PEOPLE)

An 18-year-old teen in Texas admitted that he shot and killed his parents and two siblings because he believed that they were cannibals.

Olalde Family

Texas teen shot and killed his family. (Photo: PEOPLE)

Teen in Texas Killed His Family

Nash Police Department police officers responded to a home at Lemon Acres on Tuesday around 10:43 a.m. after they received a call from the suspect himself that he shot and killed his family. The suspect is identified as Cesar Olalde.

In a published article in TRUE CRIME DAILY, Cesar Olalde shot and killed his parents and two siblings. The victims are identified as Aida Garcia, Reuben Olalde, Lisbet Olalde, and Oliver Olalde. In an obtained affidavit, he said that he repeatedly shot the victims.

One of the co-workers of the Olalde family told the investigators that Cesar Olalde told her that she killed his family. He also shared that he already called 911 about the killing.

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Suspect Will Face Capital Murder

According to a report published in PEOPLE, Cesar Olalde will face several counts of capital murder. He was already booked into the Bi-State Jail. Meanwhile, his bond is set at $10 million.

Needless the say, the deceased bodies of the victims were found inside the bathroom. It is believed that Cesar Olalde shot and killed each member of the family elsewhere in the home and then dragged them into the bathroom. When asked about why he killed them, he said that he believed they were cannibals and they were going to eat him.

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