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“I Just Felt Like Killing Her”: Massachusetts Man Was Arrested After Savagely Murdering His 82-Year-Old Mother In a Hotel Parking Lot

Daniel Uhlman in court on Friday and the hotel where he allegedly killed his mother (Source: NBC News screenshots)

Daniel Uhlman in court on Friday and the hotel where he allegedly killed his mother (Source: NBC News screenshots)

A Massachusetts man was arrested for brutally murdering his 82-year-old mother, stabbing her with a butter knife multiple times, slamming her head into the ground, and running over her with her own truck to make sure she was “dead” in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn on Lakeside Avenue in Marlboro.

What Happened in Holiday Inn Parking Lot

53-year-old Daniel Uhlman, from Westborough, invited his 82-year-old mother to the hotel where he had been staying for about a month to visit him there with the intention of killing her. Prosecutors said Uhlman asked his mother to drive and park at the back of the hotel so they could “smoke cigarettes.”

Assistant District Attorney Meghan McGovern said at a court hearing on Friday, “He pulled her out of the vehicle; he then stated that he slammed her head on the ground more than 20 times; he then pulled out a butter knife that had been in his pocket and began to attempt to stab her with it.”

Prosecutors say that Uhlman ran back to his mother’s truck when his mother began fighting back, even getting a hold of the butter knife. “Uhlman said he drove the truck running over his mother, in which he stated to ensure that she was dead,” McGovern said.

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After allegedly slamming his mother’s face against the pavement and stabbing her with a butter knife, police said Uhlman got in her truck and ran her over (Source: NY post).

The officers who responded to the Holiday Inn parking lot on Lakeside Avenue on Thursday said in a report that they found 80-year-old Nancy “laying on the ground with notable signs of trauma,” according to Yahoo News.

Investigators asked Uhlman what motivated him to brutally attack his mother; he then told them, “I just felt like killing her,” according to the criminal complaint obtained by NBC News.

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