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Mother from Colorado Arrested After Human Remains Were Found in Her Closet.

Mother from Colorado Arrested After Human Remains Were Found in Her Closet.

27-year-old Alexis Tanielle Nelson was arrested by the Colorado police on the charge of her attempt to influence a public servant. Charges were later added after the remains of a girl were found in her closet in her Colorado apartment.

Alexis Tanielle Nelson (Photo: CBS News)

Remains of the Missing 5-year-old from Colorado Found in Nelson’s Apartment

Authorities apprehended Alexis Tanielle Nelson, a 27-year-old mother, after they found the remains of Maha Li Hobbs in her apartment in Colorado. Child abuse that resulted in death, tampering with evidence, and tampering with the body of the deceased were added to Nelson’s charges after Hobbs’ remains were found in her closet, according to the authorities.

Officers were called to Nelson’s home after she made “concerning” texts to her mother. Nelson’s mother also informed the police that she was concerned for her grandchild’s safety and well-being, not knowing that there were already remains of a young girl in her daughter‘s closet.

When the authorities arrived at Nelson’s home, Nelson informed them that she gave her daughter up for adoption but was unable to provide documentation of any kind regarding the adoption, which led to her arrest.

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Nelson’s Apprehension Regarding Hobbs’ Remains, Along with Other Charges

While the police were waiting for the identification of the victim’s remains from the Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office, the authorities from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation announced in confidence that the victim was indeed Maha Li Hobbs. The identification took a while since the coroner’s office only had to work with dismembered human remains.

Chief Art Acevedo of the Aurora Police later added that murder charges will likely be added to Nelson’s already long list of charges. Nelson is on the $100,000 bond and it is currently unknown if she appealed for a plea or hired an attorney.

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