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NYC State Trooper Charged With Manslaughter After Shooting The Driver Of A Speeding Car

NYC State Trooper Charged With Manslaughter After Shooting The Driver Of A Speeding Car

Anthony Nigro, a New York State Trooper, is now facing manslaughter charges after shooting an unarmed driver of a speeding car after Nigro engaged the driver in a high-speed chase.

NYC State Trooper Charged With Manslaughter

New York City state trooper Anthony Nigro is now charged with manslaughter after shooting the driver of a speeding car after a high-speed chase. The victim was identified as James Huber, a 38-year-old male. Troopers spotted Huber speeding near Buffalo, on Interstate 90. Troopers pursued him up to speeds that reached 100 mph. Nigro caught up to Huber by using his cruiser to block Huber’s car.

Nigro then kept on yelling at Huber, commanding him to get out of his car. The situation escalated and Nigro pointed his gun close at Huber’s head. Huber attempted to get away but Nigro fired two shots, ultimately putting Huber down on the ground. The shooting was witnessed by Nigro’s bodycam and radioed that Huber has been hit.

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Union In Defense of Nigro

Nigro’s union defended him, saying that the shooting was justified and that Huber’s actions put the community at risk of accident or worse. A former state trooper and attorney John Elmore stated that the bodycam footage did not reveal the entire incident and that Nigro could have been in a different state of mind. Nigro was criticized by Elmore about how he held his gun near Huber’s head.

Charles Murhpy, president of the NYC State Troopers Police Benevolent Association, stated that Nigro should not be charged with manslaughter since Huber was in the wrong. Despite the police union siding with Nigro, the police department declared in an interview that they will cooperate with the investigation.

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