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“His Killer Deserves No Leniency,” Says Steve Johnson, Brother of Gay American Manslaughter Victim Scott Johnson

“His Killer Deserves No Leniency,” Says Steve Johnson, Brother of Gay American Manslaughter Victim Scott Johnson

The man who came forward to admit that he murdered Scott Johnson received tremendous hate from Scott’s brother Steve, saying that the man does not deserve any leniency and that he should face the longest jail time.

Scott Johnson (Photo: BBC)

Scott’s Killer Who Admitted To The Crime

52-year-old Scott Philip White received hate from Steve Johnson, Scott Johnson’s brother. Steve says that White “deserves no leniency” and that he should “face the longest time in jail,” last Tuesday. White showed up in the Supreme Court of the state of South Wales, where his hearing for his manslaughter charges was held. White admitted to murder last year, but later had a change of heart and withdrew his statement.

Since White admitted to his crime, Steve says that White had the sympathy of the family, but now that White redacted his confession to Scott’s murder, that sympathy no longer exists. Tim Game, White’s lawyer, pleaded for leniency due to his client’s mental state at the time. White will be sentenced on Thursday.

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How Scott Died

The crime took place was back December 19, 1988, when White and Johnson were arguing. As things got heated, White said he punched Scott, and he was forced backward toward a cliff. It was at this cliff where Scott fell to his death. The crime was located at North Head. At the time, it was a known spot for gay men to meet.

Johnson’s death was initially ruled out as suicide, but the family urged for an investigation to happen. It was only after decades that the police department of New South Wales started the investigation and labeled Scott’s death as a hate crime.

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