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Bill Cosby Accused of Alleged Sexual Assault; Sued by Supermodel Janice Dickinson and 8 Other Women in Nevada

Bill Cosby was sued for alleged sexual assault by nine women, including supermodel Janice Dickinson. 

Bill Cosby sued for sexual abuse under new NY lookback law (Source: CNN).

Bill Cosby Rape Allegations

The 85-year-old American-Comedian, Bill Cosby, was sued by supermodel Janice Dickinson and eight other women, who filed a sexual assault lawsuit in Nevada on Wednesday.

More than 60 women have publicly accused Cosby of sexual assault, from groping to rape, many of whom have charges that are decades old but are being revived as states revise rules dictating how courts handle sexual misconduct cases, according to NBC News

All women claim that Cosby gave them either pills or spiked drinks during those alleged encounters that happened from 1979 to 1992 in Nevada.

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Supermodel Janice Dickinson (Source: Mark Makela/Getty Images).

The 68-year-old supermodel Janice Dickinson, one of the plaintiffs in the new lawsuit, allegedly said that Cosby invited her to Lake Tahoe for dinner to discuss her potential role in Cosby’s TV show. During the dinner, Dickinson claims she complained about her menstrual cramps, which gave Cosby the chance to offer her a pill he said would help. She claims that after taking the pill, she felt “woozy, dizzy, and disoriented” and proceeded to Cosby’s hotel suite, where she believes he assaulted her, according to People

Despite the numerous reports of sexual assault, Cosby continues to deny all sexual abuse allegations. 

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