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3 Children And 3 Adults Found Dead Due To A Shooting In Their House In Tennessee

3 Children And 3 Adults Found Dead Due To A Shooting In Their House In Tennessee (Yahoo Canada Style)

6 were found dead due to a shooting inside their home in Tennessee. Reports indicate that the dead were three children and three adults.

The house of the incident (AP News)

Three Children and Three Adults Dead From Shooting

After Tennesee authorities responded to a report last Thursday about a shooting that was happening in a house in Tennessee, three children and three adults were found dead on the scene. It was believed that The house was set on fire by the assailant after the shooting. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the person responsible for the entire incident is believed to be among the dead adults found. The Bureau did not reveal the assailant’s identity immediately.

Ronnie Burnette, Sheriff of Marion County, informed WTVC-TV that the incident seemed like a domestic situation between the victims that went unpleasant. According to the Bureau, the deceased’s remains were transported to Nashville for autopsy purposes. In-depth details of how the victims died were not revealed immediately to the public. The one adult who escaped the shooting is currently being treated in Chattanooga.

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Before The Shooting

According to WTVC-TV, neighbors reported that it was around 8 p.m. last Thursday when they started to hear gunshots coming from the house. The Bureau stated that police officers and deputies came to the scene before 9 p.m.

When the authorities finally arrived, the entire house was set on fire, and the remains of the victims were recovered after the fire department on the scene put out the fire from the house. The Bureau declared that an investigation is currently underway.

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