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Florida Police Officer Who Was Caught Speeding and Arguing With Deputy Has Been Relieved of Duty

Florida Police Officer Who Was Speeding and Argued With Deputy Has Been Relieved Of Duty (Photo: Goad News)

A Florida Police officer is now relieved of duty after speeding and engaging in a heated argument with a deputy.

Bodycam of the deputy that captured part of the incident (Photo: CBS News)

Florida Police Officer Caught Speeding and Arguing With a Fellow Law Enforcement Officer

Alexander Shaouni, a Florida Police officer, is now relieved of duty after a dispute with a deputy and speeding. According to the authorities, part of the entire incident was caught on the deputy’s body camera. Shaouni is now being charged and is subject to internal review.  According to CBS News‘ copy of Shaouni’s arrest report, he was on his way to work last 6th of June when his patrol car was spotted speeding by the deputy of Seminole County.

According to the report, the patrol car was going “80 in a 45” with its sirens or emergency lights turned off. The deputy in pursuit of Shaouni had to go over 90 mph to catch him. The bodycam footage of the deputy released by the Sheriff’s office shows a part of the incident, including the heated exchange between the deputy and Shaouni.

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The Heated Exchange Between the Deputy and Shaouni

When Shaouni finally stopped, he stepped out of the patrol car and asked the deputy why he was trying to pull him over. The deputy explained that Shaouni speeding but Shaouni countered, saying that he was “going to work”, all while pointing at his uniform saying “What does it look like I am dressed for?” Shaouni refused to give his IDs and went back inside his car, as captured by the bodycam.

According to the arrest report, the Florida Police officer is now charged with resisting an officer, reckless driving, fleeing, and eluding a law enforcement officer. CBS News was told by the department officials that Shaouni had been relieved of duty following the incident.

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