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Family Of Rep. George Santos Were Warned By Judge That They Could Be Exercising “Moral Control” Over The Congressman Should They Co-Sign His Bond

Family Of Rep. George Santos Were Warned By Judge That They Could Be Exercising “Moral Control” Over The Congressman Should They Co-Sign His Bond (Photo: People)

A judge in charge of handling Rep. George Santos’ bond last month warned his family members who allowed his release that they could exercise “moral control” in doing so.

Rep. George Santos (Photo: KKTV)

Santos’ Father And Aunt On His Bail

Gercino Santos and Elma Preven, Santos’ father and aunt, signed his bail which guarantees the unsecured bond after he was charged last month. It was only last Thursday when their identities were revealed to the public. The congressman from New York confirmed the co-signers identities while he was out from his office on Capitol Hill, talking to reporters last Thursday. His reason for keeping their identities was that the media would make their “lives miserable”.

Co-signers, along with Santos himself, could be in trouble for the $500,000 if he would break the terms of his release or he would not show up in court. The bond would be “satisfied” if he would be deemed not guilty of all the charges against him. Since the bond is unsecured, Santos and the co-signers would not have to pay for the collateral, which would mean he forfeits, in compliance with the court’s orders.

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Identities of Santos’ Father And Aunt Hidden From The Public

Anne Shields, the U.S. Magistrate Judge in charge of the case, granted the media’s request to reveal the names of the co-signers. To allow Santos’ lawyer to plead the decision. Last Monday, however, Judge Joanna Seybert of the U.S. District agreed to disclose the identities of the co-signers to the public.

13 criminal counts were charged against Santos last month. Money laundering, wire fraud, and lying in court were charged among others. He was released under the said unsecured bond of $500,000.

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