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New Poll Suggests That 4 out of 10 Californians are Considering Leaving The State

New Poll Suggests That 4 out of 10 Californians are Considering Leaving The State (Photo: Straight Arrow News)

A new poll reflects that 4 out of 10 residents of California are considering leaving the state.

One of California’s residential areas (Photo: Lookout Santa Cruz)

Californians Considering Leaving the State Despite What It Has To Offer


California, with its unmatched beauty and attractions, attracts people from around the globe and would attract them enough to settle within it, calling it home. 70% of the total population of the state report that they are more than satisfied with settling in. Business and employment opportunities are rampant within the state. California also allows for an enjoyable lifestyle for many, making people stay. However, many are still considering leaving the state despite the opportunities for leisure and employment it offers since they are anxious about the state’s future and if they could keep up with the bills in the long run.

A poll conducted by local non-profit organizations indicates that people are mostly happy with the state and what it has to offer but what concerns them is the state’s economy and where it is headed. This makes them want to leave the state. Dan Schnur, a professor of political communication at UC Berkeley and UCS, stated that voters who are happy with the socio-cultural side of the state but are worried about its economy give out mixed signals toward government candidates.

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More On Californians’ Decision To Leave The State

Californians were less positive about the state’s economic issues. Nearly half of the respondents, which is 46%, in the survey stated that saving money or paying for unexpected expenses is a struggle for them. The percentage is actually up by 6% compared to last year when Californians were asked the same question. 18% revealed that they find it difficult to put food on the table and the remaining 35% stated that they are currently living without worry in the state.

More than 40% of Californians are “seriously” moving out of the state. 61% of the respondents said that the primary reason they would leave is the “high cost” of living there. Around 71% of Californians who are Asian or Black are considering leaving the state due to the high demand for living expenses. 30% of the respondents stated that they would consider leaving because the policies of the state are not in line with their political beliefs.

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