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Man From California Sentenced to 1 Year Probation After Groping Women On On Cross Country Flight From LA to Boston

Man From California Sentenced to 1 Year Probation After Groping Women On On Cross Country Flight From LA to Boston (Photo: The Daily Beast)

After admitting to groping two women on a cross-country flight from LA to Boston, Jairaj Singh Dhillon is now sentenced to a year of probation.

A photo of a JetBlue plane midflight (Photo: IndiaWest Journal)

California Man Who Groped Two Women Mid Flight

Jairaj Singh Dhillon from Modesto California pleaded guilty last March to groping women during a cross-country flight last 2022 and is now sentenced to a year of probation just last week. Dhillon was sentenced by Magistrate Judge Paul G. Levenson of the U.S. District Court last June 15. The probation comes with a requirement of home confinement for the first six months of the sentence.

Dhillon’s crime happened last May 31 last year when he boarded a cross-country flight going to Boston from LA. According to a statement from the U.S. DA’s Office from the District of Massachusettes, Dhillion made “unwanted sexual contact” with fellow female passengers on board.

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Dhillon’s Crime In Detail

Dhillon was beside a woman who was tending to her baby when he started to touch the woman’s thighs and groin area. The woman cried for help, pointing at Dhillon while shouting that he was groping her.

Dhillon’s second victim was across Dhillion, sitting in the aisle seat. She reported that Dhillion was touching her buttocks and her groin. Flight attendants who took care of the situation moved Dhillon away from his seat until they reached Boston. When they landed, Dhillon was immediately apprehended by the authorities.

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