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Woman Rages At A Family Dollar Store In Florida When Employees Refused To Give Her A Refund Without A Receipt

Woman Rages At A Family Dollar Store In Florida When Employees Refused To Give Her A Refund Without A Receipt (Photo: NewsBreak)

A surveillance video from a Family Dollar store in Florida shows a woman raging inside the store after employees refused to give her a refund without providing a receipt.

LaJada Michelle Hill (Photo: Florida Jolt)

Woman Raged After Being Denied Of A Refund

A woman rages inside a Family Dollar store in Florida after employees refused to accept her return for an item without providing a receipt, as captured in a surveillance video from the store. According to Lee County Sheriff’s Office, LaJada Michelle Hill, a 34-year-old woman, was taken into custody last Friday and was charged with robbery without a weapon. The surveillance video shows Hill lunging toward the computer screen of the store’s counter as it occurred to her that she will never have her money back. Afterward, Hill steps out of the store but eventually came back, raging towards the counter once again.

The cycle continues while she throws items around the store from the counter and shelves. Before finally leaving the store, she took a pack of cigarettes with her from the store’s counter.

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Hill’s History Of Fraud

Deputies from the Sheriff’s office tracked Hill down to a gas station near the store, where she was arrested. According to the officials on the scene, her rap sheet included charges of burglary, fraud, and resisting arrest.

Way back in 2015, Hill was arrested for fraud after attempting to return items at a Walmart. Items that are believed to be stolen. She is currently on bail for $20,000 and her hearing is set on July 10.

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