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Find Out Various Home Improvements That Are Tax Deductible This Year

Find Out Various Home Improvements That Are Tax Deductible This Year (Photo: WalletGenius)

Most home improvements or house maintenance do not qualify for immediate tax breaks, but some may increase the cost of your home, should you sell it in the future.

Installation of a solar panel (Photo: MoneyTips)

Tax Credits For Energy Efficiency

Decreasing the use of energy in your home can save natural resources and money. The IRA has various clean energy tax credits which can help you in doing both. These include installing heat pumps, replacing defective doors and windows, replacing insulation, and upgrading the electrical panel. Elevation CEO Greg Fasullo stated that incentives for electric vehicles, solar energy, and storage for energy are “incredibly storage”.

Installing solar panels allows you to get a credit of 30%. Fasullo estimates that you could save up to $6,000, depending on the size of the solar panels and amount. Compared to the average installation of solar panels which costs $20,000.

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Federal Home Improvement Incentives vs. State Home Improvement Tax Incentives

Suppose you would install a heat pump and receive $2,000 back from the federal government, would it be possible to claim the same credit from the state? Financial planner and content director of Andrew Lantham says yes, under certain conditions.

Going back to the heat pump example, it is possible to be eligible for multiple tax breaks under the same project. If you were to install that heat pump, you could qualify for a state incentive, a federal tax credit, and even a rebate from your registered utility company.

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