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Postpartum Medicaid For Low-Income Mothers Are Now Made Better By Texas Lawmakers

Postpartum Medicaid For Low-Income Mothers Are Now Made Better By Texas Lawmakers (Photo: Houston Chronicle)

A house bill now extends postpartum Medicaid for mothers after birth.

A newborn with its mother (Photo: Montana Free Press)

Medicaid Extension

The Texas Legislation voted a unanimous block nearly to extend the health insurance for low-income mothers to a whole year, as compared to the previous duration of two months. According to the latest study conducted by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), around 30% of maternal-related deaths happen after a baby turns six weeks old or until the baby is one year old. Postpartum health conditions and complications such as stroke, hemorrhage, heart complications, infections, etc., put both the mother’s and baby’s health at risk.

The committee recently reviewed that maternal deaths in the state were around 118 last 2019. Pregnancy-related deaths were 52 and pregnancy-associated were 42. It was also found that 90% of the deaths relating to pregnancy itself would have been avoided and prevented if proper healthcare was in place or offered to mothers. Last December, a report revealed regarding maternal mortality in Texas that mothers who did not have access to private health insurance had higher numbers of pregnancy-related deaths.

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What The Extension Means For Mothers

With regards to Medicaid for pregnant women in Texas, more than 4 in 10 deliveries are covered in the state. This kind of care will not only prevent complications in births but will also allow the children to move on with their lives healthily. Healthy Futures of Texas CEO Evelyn Delgado stated that the current duration of Medicaid for postpartum mothers is not enough.

Delgado added that the newly approved extension is a “wonderful opportunity” for postpartum mothers to improve their well-being and to be fully able to take care of their children. She added that the extension could also allow mothers to have another baby without being scared or worried about both the bills and health. The extension of Medicaid is an extension of the government’s help for the people as COVID-related emergency healthcare benefits and assistance are now ending.

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