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$8.2M Worth of Stolen Catalytic Converter: Theft Operation revealed, 11 people arrested in Pennsylvania

The catalytic converter theft perpetrators are revealed. One of the suspects is underage. (Photo: Bucks County District Attorney’s Office)

$8.2 Million worth of catalytic converter theft investigation in Pennsylvania, theft operation revealed.

catalytic converter

Catalytic converter theft operation runs rampant in Pennsylvania. Stolen catalytic converters are sold for high prices due to its metal components.  (Photo:

Catalytic converter theft became too rampant from year 2020-2023 as the price of its metal components became sky-high. An almost year-long investigation of  catalytic converter theft ended with the arrest of Philly-based TDI Towing. The arrested individuals will be facing the charges of corrupt organizations, criminal conspiracy, dealing in proceeds of unlawful activity and related charges, stated by Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.

The catalytic converter theft operation involved paying thieves for stolen catalytic converters in cars for a paid amount. Catalytic converter repairs are costly therefore car repair companies allegedly profited of these scheme. Aside from that, catalytic converter contained metals like rhodium, platinum and palladium, which could be sold in hefty sums.

The stolen catalytic converters repair cost is around $2000 on average. Meanwhile, TDI Towing pays $10000 a night to thieves who sell stolen catalytic converters, these thieves are also known as cutters, reported by Bucks County Crime Watch.

The stolen units of catalytic converters from the TDI Towing, were brought to a different place and were sold. This goings-on occur once or twice a week.


Catalytic converter theft investigation in Pennsylvania resulted to the arrest of 10 people and 1 juvenile. Perpetrators’ Identities is released. 

The catalytic converter theft perpetrators’ identities are revealed. One of the suspects is underage. (Photo: Bucks County District Attorney’s Office)

After repetitive surveillance to the tow yard, the detectives were able to identify the perpetrators of this catalytic converter theft operation.

Michael Williams, 52, the operator of TDI Towing was arrested long with TDI employees; Lisa Davalos, 47; Eric Simpson, 41; Michael Bruce, 30;  Kevin Schwartz, 33; Patrick Hopkins, 24; and a 17-year-old juvenile whose name remained protected. Arrested with them are the “cutters”, Michael Evangelist, 35; Anthony Davalos, Sr., 43, ; Richard Allan Page, 39; and Gary Shirley, 48.

Fox News reported that ten of the perpetrators are now in custody, however Richard Page, one of the cutters were currently being located by the Bucks County Detectives.

READ MORE: Pennsylvania catalytic converter ring allegedly responsible for over $8M in thefts: DA

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