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Russian Missle Strike Blows Up A Pizza Restaurant In Ukraine As War Continues After Putin Handles Wagner Mutiny

Russian Missle Strike Blows Up A Pizza Restaurant In Ukraine As War Continues After Putin Handles Wagner Mutiny (Photo: The Portland Press Herald)

A pizza restaurant was obliterated by a Russian missile strike, leading to the deaths of nine people and the injuries of dozen others.

The aftermath of the Russian missile strike on the pizza restaurant in Kramatorsk (Photo: CBS News)

Russian Missle Strike Hits A Pizza Restaurant In Eastern Ukraine

According to officials, a pizza restaurant in Kramatorsk, Eastern Ukraine, was blown up by a Russian surface-to-air missile strike. By the time the missile strike was over, all that was left of the restaurant was its broken debris.  As stated by Kramatorosk’s educational department online, nine people were killed in the attack, including two sisters, aged 14. Andrii Kostin, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, stated that among the nine dead was a 17-year-old teen.

The Russian missile strike damaged 18 other buildings and establishments, five schools, 65 houses, one shopping center, and two kindergartens, according to regional governor Pavlo Kyrylenko as reported by The Associated Press.

Ukrainian authorities stated that the city was bombed with Russian S-300 surface-to-air missiles, which have been used frequently by Russian forces since February of last year to soften ground targets.

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The Russian Missle Attack In Relation To Russia’s Actions After The Mutiny By Wagner Group

The air strike was meant to believe that Russia is back on the offensive after Putin handled the mutiny led by the Wagner group. According to CBS News, intelligence suggests that the group had help inside the Russian military from a senior Russian general. In relation to the events last week, more rumors and speculations came to light.

Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman, dismissed questions about Army Gen. Sergei Surovkin having initial knowledge of the Wagner rebellion. Surovkin is known as a key figure in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Ukrainian authorities observed and watched the mutiny closely as a close advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that Russia’s grip on power across the border of Russia is starting to weaken.

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