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Find Out The Dangerous Neighborhoods In Jacksonville And Find Out Which Areas Are the Safest In The City

Find Out The Dangerous Neighborhoods In Jacksonville And Find Out Which Areas Are the Safest In The City (Photo: Florida Travel)

If you are staying in Jacksonville for business or a trip, you might want to find out where the dangerous neighborhoods would be and the safest spots in the city.

A view of Jacksonville, Florida (Photo: Treksplorer)

Jacksonville, Dangerous or Not?

This year, Jacksonville is not considered a dangerous city, but it is not a safe city either. Jacksonville is currently not topping the list of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. In the latest rankings made by the worldpopulationreview and Statistics, the city is not even in the top 10. However, it is still included in the top 100 most dangerous cities in America. According to an article by, the overall crime rate would drop but the city is still considered as the murder capital of Florida.

According to Numbeo, the city has a crime index of 56.24, which is above the average. This year, Jacksonville would be more dangerous with these stats compared to LA, Miami, Honolulu, or even Orlando.

Jacksonville is safe for tourists since crimes are not directed against them in the city. Crimes within Jacksonville lean more toward drug trafficking and gang-related crimes. Although, tourists can still be a target for theft or scams within the tourist area of the city.

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Worst And Safest Spots In Jacksonville

Jacksonville has 500 neighborhoods, including Duval County. The main areas of the city are its downtown area, the north side of Downtown, the Southside, Arlington, the Westside, and its beaches. It is advisable to avoid the Downtown area late at night.

The reported dangerous neighborhoods of Jacksonville according to the rankings of,,, and many more are:

  • East Jacksonville
  • Springfield
  • 29th and Chase
  • Mid-Westside
  • Moncrief Park
  • Lacwanna
  • Mixon Town
  • Midtown
  • New Town
  • Allendale

According to real estate agencies in the city and various websites, the best neighborhoods in the city would be:

  • Saint Mark
  • Riverside
  • Southside
  • Deerwood
  • Five Points
  • Jacksonville Beach
  • Orange Park

Saint Mark, overall, is said to be a wonderful neighborhood that is located near the city center, allowing you access to shops, art galleries, bars, and restaurants.

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