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LA County Jurors Could Be Paid Up To $100 Daily If A Proposed Bill Is Approved

LA County Jurors Could Be Paid Up To $100 Daily If A Proposed Bill Is Approved (Photo: Houston Chronicle)

Jurors in LA County could be paid $100 per day if a certain bill regarding their pay would be passed.

Seats of jurors (Photo: ABC7)

Bill To Increase Jurors Pay

Currently, a bill has been circulating around the State Legislature, should this certain bill be passed, qualified jurors would be paid $100 per day in their service during a criminal trial. Currently, jurors are paid $15 daily per trial.

The bill’s proposal was heavily influenced by a pilot program coming from San Francisco. The program gave way for officials to find out that an increase in the pay rate would increase the economic and racial diversity of selected jury pools. This gives way for jurors who belong to the middle to low-income class to be included in the pools.

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What This Bill Means For Jurors

Usually, jurors who belong to the low-income class are excused during trials due to their financial constraints. Usually in California, employees are not paid by their employers their wages when they are serving as jurors for a trial. Legally, day offs are only granted to them.

The proposed bill is projected to hit the counties of Los Angeles, Monterey, Kern, Alameda, and San Francisco through the year 2025. To be included in the bill, jurors would have to have a median income of 80% in their respective counties.

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